Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Break

Wow, has it ever been a blogging drought. I miss posting regularly but my babies keep me hopping. I just had to post this lovely family photo we just had taken while we were visiting with family in Nashville over Spring Break. Hope all you lovelies had a wonderful Spring Break too!
(and yes, those bags under my eyes are because my youngest still likes to wake up waaaay too much every night.... insert loud sigh and yawn here!)


LeAnna said...

That is an adorable family picture!!!

Alice said...

Wow! That is lovely! You look beautiful. Xxx

Diana Ferguson said...

Love the pic!!!!

esss said...

Your photos are giving back the mood of the event. Thank you!
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Jason Murphy said...

Love our inspiring family picture. A family that stays together, prays together.

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