Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Birthday 2 Me

Two years ago my belly looked like this!

Then this adorable creature showed up at 4:41 a.m. All 7 pounds and 20 inches of her. With 3 pushes in 6 minutes and the nurse yelling for the doctor to run to make it in time!

What a sweet and fun little girl you are! This is your first birthday picture.

Having some cake for your first birthday celebration. We were also celebrating your Great Grand-Dad's 96th Birthday. His Birthday is the day before yours.

I sure do wish I could take your picture this year in the bluebonnets....

My how much you have grown from one year to the next. You are full of energy and smiles and a great curiosity to discover all that you can.

Here you are today on your 2nd birthday! Happy Birthday you Darling Girl. We Love you so very much, Mommy, Daddy and Brother!

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Michelle said...

She looks very grown up and cute in her party hat. quickly time flies. Hope she had a great birthday!

PS In regards to the comment on my blog...I completely forgot those bunny ears were from you when we were at Seton. How funny! We have gotten lots of use out of them!

PPS I have never asked, but always wondered, how did your kiddos get their nicknames?