Thursday, July 17, 2008


So it is only fair if brother gets a post then sister needs one too! I love her serious concentration on the upside down book! Stuntwoman loves to read, loves furry red monsters (aka - Elmo and she learned his name all on her own!) and she also loves her teddy bear! I'll post more pictures of her favorite things in the near future. So why the nickname stuntwoman you ask, well let me tell you she runs and climbs everywhere! If she were a video game she would have used three of her nine lives by now and she is either going to be a contestant or the next hostess of fear factor! Hah!

The Master

We just finished dosing the Master with antibiotic ear drops for a suspected infection. I had to go with gut instinct and based on previous experience from his first tubes we did not want to take any chances. We are still waiting for our social insurance to start and still do not have a doctor, sigh. Anyhow we were sneaky and did the a.m. drops while he slept, super easy! Evening doses has not neen so easy as we all dread the experience. We found it best to not discuss the need for drops and fuel his anxiety, rather we just ambush him and then give him a couple jelly beans for good participation right after. This never really helps the medicine go down! Speaking of which he just saw Mary Poppins and loved it! Oh, but back to the drops. After one of our next to last evenings we had finished the dose and he was upset as usual. He took the eardrop bottle (the lid was back on) from Daddy and proceeded to give Daddy drops. I'll show you!
By the way the red circle with the line is a lollypop per the artists report!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Home sweet home

Here is our home for the next two years.
If you look to the right of the door you can see our red wagon tucked away under that window!
The doors are actually more a pine green park ranger color. It was nearing evening when I took this photo.


This is the new park we visit quite often in our new hood. It's a short wagon ride just down the street. So far I think we have heard French, russian, italian, spanish, greek, various asian and indian dialects all being spoken there.
Addendum: We heard romanian being spoken as well!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Hello there! Belated Happy 4th. Sorry for the delay in posts but little people with tummy bugs and computer snags have interupted previous attempts to do so sooner.
Canada celebrates Canada Day, it's Birthday and independence from England anually on July 1st. So in honor of this more discussion on Canada.
If you've been around a local kanuck long enough you'll hear them say, "eh". What is this figure of speech?

EH = pronounced AY (similar, but not the same as huh) Eh is a useful word that is very important and is the basis of all Canadian communications. It is used in conjunction with other words, or simply by itself. The tone or the slight differences in exclamation also changes the meaning:
Eh? = what did you say?
Eh? = what do you think?
EH? = something to say just to end a sentence.
Ehhhh!! = WOW!!
EH!? = what do you mean?
!!!??EH!! = your joking!!!
Other interesting Canadian terms:-hoser = a good friend..
take off! = you are kidding, no way, fly an airplane.
Toronto = pronounced Trawna.
Lake Ontario = where all sewers drain into.

So if you hear a Canadian talking like eh hoser! y'know take off!! EH?? umm err well, hey, ok, eh!It's very friendly! ...... and they really DON'T talk like that!