Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Using old crayons

Our crayon tubs have gotten full of broken and worn down crayons. So I started sorting by color so we can try this project. Off to the left are some cheaper ones which don't melt and if made in China could be questionable for product safety. I'll be more careful to inspect when we get crayons from dining out... I just always bring them home and throw them in the coloring supplies. From now on those will go in the trash!

The kids had fun helping me grate these up. Be forewarned it is really messy!

Next we piled our shavings on a rock we found at the park. And then we let the Texas sun do it's thing. The kids had fun checking on the progress throughout the day.

Our finished handiwork. These will make a nice paperweight gift for a loved one. In fact Master gifted me with his right on the spot and announced the other was for Aunt Kathy.


marie said...

Very cute idea! I know "this gramma" would love a gift like this. I'll have to drop a hint to the momma's of my grandbabies!

Elle Bee said...

What a great way to use old crayons! Very clever, you are!

Diana said...

Yes, cute and clever project!!