Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Part 2 - Visting with Aunt Kathy

It sure has been fun introducing you to my Sister Kathy. It's so hard to put everything into one post so tomorrow I'll wrap up with showing you her art studio. You don't want to miss seeing it. Friday check back and I'll reveal the Giveaway!

Here are some more pictures of the pavilion. I love that she has the rough cedars and wanted a rustic quality. Her dream for the project is to use as many native and recycled materials as possible. We had fun a couple weekends back going to the Habitat Restore to look for materials.

This pavilion will be used for many reunions and art show open houses. When we left last Thursday this was the progress and the next photo shows what she had done by Sunday.

On the window dust she wrote Got Art? and Create!!! Her vision for this project in her words were "This is the Dream Shack, a place for whoever needs it whenever it is needed, a place that is and will be available to be shared, a place that has love wrapped up in it's timbers and window sills and stories, in it's coming to be that include many people and places and history and mystery, and old stories unknown and new stories yet to be revealed and creative energy abounding to make a place to be joyful. A place to be joyful in! My dream for the Dream Shack is that the Dream Shack will be a place that people will find love and peace and acceptance and joy and hope, a place that will put arms around you and expand your horizons at the same time."

Do you see the really long telephone pole here? Well it is even longer than the photo and needs a little background story related to the project. It will be used as a retaining wall. One of her friends and neighbors up the road was clearing it from their property and they had cut it down. To get it into the back of the truck they kept having to jack it up onto cinder blocks bit by bit to get to the height of the pick up bed. They chained it in but part of the end was still hanging out. She followed in her vehicle as they transported it several miles to get to her place. The end hanging out was really smoking up and got worn down by the contact with the road. She was praying the whole time it wouldn't break or start a fire! Whew, it made it!!!

Several areas are sectioned off to keep folks from walking on the green growth where these beauties will emerge... Bluebonnets! I cannot wait to share pictures of those this Spring with you. All I have to say is God Bless Texas!

There are limestone fossils everywhere. Here is a "deer heart" a clam fossil found by the Dream Shack foundation site.

We continued to admire the fossils down by the creek, I never get bored of looking at the rocks. You never see the same things twice.

More fossils hiding in the rocks. I'm just amazed and marvel at the beauty and wonder of God's creations.

Fossilized coral reef, how cool is this? It reminds me of a loofah or pumice stone.

We liked the hole in this one and admired the beautiful clear blue sky!

The creek was rippling and glistening and we enjoyed looking at reflections of bubbles that danced like stars along the water.

Another fun fossil find!

I reflected on my pregnant silhouette in the creek.

Token belly shot for Mom to see how big her Grandbaby being produced appears these days.

To end today's post here is the final parting shot from hairy butt crack rock! Thought you'd like to be "mooned" to put a smile on your face!
Blessings, Jennifer


Susan Yuen said...

Wonderful pics and you look great! :D Hope all is well with you and your family! BTW, thanks for the fabulous quick and easy recipe-I am going to try it out this weekend. :)

Tara said...

Now Kathy sounds like my kind of a gal. That is going to be an awesome Art Shack! I'm almost jealous. LOL....
Thanks for sharing and can't wait to see the rest.

Diana said...

I just love all these pictures. You look so cute!!

Buckeroomama said...

I love your pics in this post!!

Wow, look at your bump. It seems like you just told us you were pregnant and you're almost there... :)