Thursday, January 28, 2010


Hey there Friends! So I know I have been missing in action but for good reason. The weather is just so much nicer now that we are back home and since I have energy back after my awful morning sickness I am really trying to channel the energy of my two spunky kiddos! And yes I am still trying to unpack - dangit!!!

I have been feeling really convicted to do more hands on activites with the kids. So yesterday we made treasure keeper necklaces and then we went on a treasure hunt walk.
We found all sorts of lovelies to put in our treasure keepers!
We used our binoculars to look for treasure!

I can see you!

Rocks are a good treasure!

Stuntwoman's collection was well thought out.
She was shopping for treasure!

I just love how our necklaces turned out and the kids had a great time making them and goign on the walk. I must confess they were more engaged and more intentional about going for our walk so that was nice.

I let the Master take this picture of his sister!

I asked him to take a belly shot so ya'll can see how the bump is growing. I think I'll nickname this one maple since it has Canadian roots! Mmmm, maple syrup!!! Hope you all have a blessed day.


Mocha with Linda said...

Fun pictures!

Did you make their necklaces out of HEB Buddy containers?! They are so cute!

Dandy said...

I love those necklaces, what a great idea!

I adore your bump. You're so tiny otherwise. You look fantastic!

Diana said...

Great crafting with the kiddos.

Don't over do it unpacking. Need to keep little "maple" safe and resting.

Helena said...

What a cool idea! I've gone on a few walks (with my own kids and others' where I come home with my pockets full of cool leaves, sticks, and little flowers).

Good luck with the unpacking! I find it hard to get anything done, sometimes, with kids!

Stacey at Living by Faith said...

I love the necklaces! What a great way to reuse those plastic containers.

As I was reading, my 3 year old walked up and began to oooh and aww! Looks like I have a new craft for us.

Eternal Helpmates said...

Hey, "Maple" was my idea! ;)

Buckeroomama said...

Oh, I love those necklaces! Care to share how you made them? That's part of what I miss about reading your blog... all the nice 'hands-on' stuff that you do! :)

Michelle said...

Precious little bump! You are how many weeks there?

Missed your blogging, but understand being busy. Happy you are feeling better and able to enjoy the outdoors!

Susan Yuen said...

Those necklaces are fabulous! :D And I love the pic of your little bump too. Hope all is well with you and your family. :D

Donna said...

Sounds like a Fun Day and one you will be glad you took the time for! Children grow up so fast and are gone before you know it.

Congratulations on the new little one!



Becca said...

What a great idea to make the walks more intentional and a learning experience for your little ones!


Tara said...

Such a cute idea. Will have to share that with my niece for her little boy.