Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Crayon Roll

Helloooo, this has been on my radar for awhile to keep the kiddos busy when on the go. And now seemed like the perfect time to whip these up with our flight returning to Austin! I thrifted an IKEA placemat at Value Village for .99 cents. Cut it in half and added adorable trim then folded up and made a quick seam. Next I sewed spacers for the crayons and wa-lah instant happiness for our travels.

I like to find shortcuts and be crafty clever that way! You could do the whole thing from scratch but I like the thickness of the placemat as opposed to regular fabric.

These would make a great gift for a birthday present. In fact I whipped this one up for a Christmas hamper our Bible study is putting together for a single Mum with a 3 year old. This one is made from a place mat at the dollar store!

I love how cute it looks a bundled up and ready for action!


Diana said...

Yea! Too cute and very clever there, girl.

Helena said...

Placemats--great idea!

Buckeroomama said...

You're right --I love this!! What a great idea for a party giveaway, too. I'm actually thinking these might be good for Z's birthday party next year! Thanks for sharing. :)

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Okay now YOU get the crafty award!!!

And no... I wasn't as organized when my kids were little... it took us nearly five hours to get ready to go to the grocery store. Life was hectic and crazy back then. I think. I can't really remember. I'm pretty sure it was crazy. And hectic. Yeah... I'm sure it was.