Friday, September 18, 2009


Oh Internet, this blogging thing is contagious. I was caring for my little ones and feeling overwhlemed by the balance with house work the need to do's, and the want to do's....posting a blog right now should be the last of my priorities today. Then my daughter dropped her toast and jelly on the floor and as I wiped it up there were the other crumbs lingering on the floor. I was feeling frustrated about my "To Do" list for the day, then I had an aha, coming to Jesus moment. I am Thankful for those crumbs, it means my children are well fed.

I am Thankful for the messy toys, it means my children have something to play with. I am grateful today we have a roof over our heads and the shelter of this home.

I've been praying this past week to really feel the Holy Spirit with me. The more I desire Godliness the harder the struggle it seems. But today admist the clutter and chaos of little ones I feel blessed and recognize it is from my maker. To paraphrase Joshua 24:15 .... Choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve. But as for me and my (messy) household, we will serve the Lord!

I'll even claim gratitiude for the piles of laundry waiting for me. For it means we have clothing to wear. Okay enough babbling off to those crumbs and chores with a spirit of gratitiude and a little more grace in my corner!


Buckeroomama said...

Amen. :)

For every complaint we have, there are a million reasons to be thankful for the same thing.

Susan Yuen said...

Love your post today. May the Lord be glorified in all that we do... and post! :) Have a blessed day.