Friday, March 25, 2011

She keeps me hopping!

Hi Mom! I'm cute right, do not notice the mess I'm making.....

So I had a spare moment I thought to visit other lovely blogging gals and peek into happenings in their corner of the world. But little Miss has other ideas. Like attack the bookshelf. And three times I pulled her away and like a wind up doll she crawled right back over and got into the jewel cases. Daddy would be very upset if he knew. Little Miss is thinking "But it's a jewel case, right?"

Off to crawl away with her catch. Notice the drool on her chin and red knees from crawling all over this house. Not to mention that cheeky little grin!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Break

Wow, has it ever been a blogging drought. I miss posting regularly but my babies keep me hopping. I just had to post this lovely family photo we just had taken while we were visiting with family in Nashville over Spring Break. Hope all you lovelies had a wonderful Spring Break too!
(and yes, those bags under my eyes are because my youngest still likes to wake up waaaay too much every night.... insert loud sigh and yawn here!)